"Hey Frances, Thank you so much!!!! My ears fit perfect!!!!!! Makes a huge difference... I was told you're best in business. I won't have my ears shot by anyone else from now on. Thanks again!!!!!"
K.R., Demi Lovato Sound Engineer

"Thank you again for your attention and commitment to helping me get what I need. It would not be an overstatement to say that you saved the day. I know you're very good at what you do and I am thankful I was able to avail myself of your knowledge and expertise."
J.M., Mamma Mia

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Mention hearing healthcare and it’s like music to Frances Miranda’s ears. Frances is an Audiologist specializing in hearing healthcare services to the music community. Often referred to as the “Rock Star Audiologist,” she has worked with many of today’s top artists and up-and-coming musicians and is well respected in the industry for the specialized and personal services she provides to her clients.

As an Audiologist specializing in musician’s hearing care, and as a musician herself, Frances understands the desire of musicians and audiophiles to hear music the way it was intended to be. She takes pride in providing comprehensive consultations and services to help clients select products that meet their individual needs.